March 27, 2017

We're Back...The Blogging Adventure Resumes

We're back. This space has sat silent while life moved on. Job titles changed. Blog Society expanded, grew, continues to grow. A home was bought. A baby boy is on the way and I am finding my blogging voice again with Jimmy by my side. This is going to be our place. Just us. And friends and family. To share moments, capture memories, house photos and tell stories. It's all the reasons I started to blog in the first place minus all the bullshit. 

I blog because my dad doesn't use Instagram, because a true story can't always be told in square format. Because I want to vent, ramble and remember. Because I'm too lazy to journal and my handwriting sucks. I blog because I want my future son to see who I was before I wore the name of just mom. Because I need an excuse to try and become a better photographer, because Tuesday nights can be just as magical and I prefer to not let those memories slip into the abyss. Because years from now I'll be glad I took the picture and wrote the words. 

Because years from now I want to look back and remember, and relive it all over again.  So stay tuned for a random onslaught and backlog of trips, events, adventures and mundane moments and memories from our lives these past few years...

*photos from our September 2014 (yes it's been THAT long!) trip back to Boston & Cape Cod
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