September 24, 2013

one fine day sydney

I'm the first one to admit that planning a wedding has been more of a struggle then I imagined. I love planning events and I can't wait to get married but for some reason I've been at a real roadblock when it comes to planning our wedding. And by planning I mean even starting - we've done nothing. Yes, we've talked about where, when, how and we both can't wait for it to happen but I think I'd happily have someone sweep in and plan the entire thing for us. Just tell us what to wear and where we have to be and I'll jump on the plane!

I've always been bad with decisions and when it comes to a wedding there are just so many..the flowers, the dress, the food - what if you make the wrong one? Ah, it's all a bit stressful at the moment and having friends/family across the world makes the planning part a bit more delicate so in the meantime I'm going to enjoy my blissful state of engagement and go to events such as Sydney's One Fine Day and just soak up all the inspiration. Boy was there plenty...

September 21, 2013

roadtrip through provence

After a sad goodbye with Leanne & Nate, they headed back to Boston while Jimmy and I picked up our car in Nice and hit the road. Although we missed peak lavender season by a few weeks the scenery was stunning and we strolled around Aix en Provence and Gordes before settling in Avignon for the night. I loved the country houses, the farmers markets, the medieval castles, bridges and walled cities.  In true road trip style we got completely lost, eventually found our way, stayed in a completely random apartment where our bed was about as comfortable as sleeping on a yoga matt but we loved it anyway.

It was August so the villages were strangely quiet and we'd walked along deserted lanes, stare into closed storefronts and just took it all in.  My favourite part was watching the sun set over the Rhone river, enjoying a 3 course meal with some of the best food I've had in ages and a bottle of wine with my love. Doesn't get much better than that...

September 19, 2013

Nice & The French Riviera

I always knew that four days in Paris was never going to be enough - but it left the perfect excuse to revisit one of these days and opened up the opportunity to head south and hit the French Riviera, a location that lived up to its very glamorous reputation.

The four of us were up early and said goodbye to Paris at 6am, but not before indulging one last time in a neighbourhood croissant. The hour and a half flight to Nice was a breeze, with the only drama being Jimmy spilling his entire coffee all over our ipad and my lap but with that out of the way we landed in warm, sunny Nice and I fell completely in love. It was more like Italy than I ever imagined, our apartment was right near Old Town and close to the beach, which we wasted no time exploring. It feels like for the next four straight days we hit the beach, gazed at so much skin and tans like I've never seen before, ate Italian food, drank rose, stuffed our faces with bread & cheese, walked around Old Town and then crashed, only to repeat the next day. It was heaven and felt like the true 'holiday' we needed.

September 17, 2013

Sydney Modern Calligraphy Workshop with Lulu Lucky

This past weekend I hosted a workshop that I've been anxiously awaiting for weeks. It was a modern calligraphy class with Kara Hynes who many know as Lulu Lucky and with whom I've been chatting with for months while we put this together. Kara was a dream to collaborate with and we had a blast transforming The Corner into a stunning workshop space where for the entire afternoon we had a great time with 15 incredible girls.  

The sign was shining and I remember just sitting back and taking it all in - everything from the flowers, to the food to the handmade tassel garlands turned out exactly as we planned and everything just seemed to slip into place. More importantly everyone there walked away with something tangible - a beautiful material kit from Lulu Lucky herself and a new appreciation for the art of calligraphy (it is way harder than it looks) and I for one walked away feeling satisfied with putting on a workshop that I was truly proud to host and one that I hope offered value, an escape and a coveted moment of creativity - the whole reason for these workshops in the first place. It was a good feeling and one that certainly warranted a glass of wine when it was all over...

p.s - special thanks to the following for supporting our event this weekend: The CornerFood By TraceyThe Grounds Florals by SilvaPics_MissmayaSweaty Betty PR, Blush Loves MintC Coconut WaterSanta Vittoria

September 15, 2013

an american in paris

I happily played tourist in Paris. I was a walking cliche - I wore stripes, I tried on a beret and embraced my tourist role by proudly wearing flip flops and butchering the french language each and every time I opened my mouth.  Normally this would be a huge source of embarrassment but I was so in travel bliss that it didn't even phase me when I would say words in Spanish or completely mispronounce the simplest of orders - nothing could damper the high I was on, I was an American in Paris - jeans, backpack and all. 

September 13, 2013


I loved Paris.

Yes, i can happily report it was everything I dreamed it would be and despite a 48hr journey to get there (oh yes, the highs and lows of staff travel) when i emerged from the station on our way to the apartment the scene that met me was straight out of a movie. The summer night was hot, the cafes were full of merry people smoking cigarettes and drinking rose, i swear I even heard an accordion. It was straight off the set of a Parisian Woody Allen film and I immediately fell in love.  For the next four days, fueled by jet lag and espresso, Jimmy and I dragged Leanne and Nate around the city, walking for miles as we checked out the tourist sites, took way to many selfies and admired each and every window and shutter within a 20 mile radius.

I was so happy to be able to share this place and these memories with my sister and brother-in-law. Many of our travel experiences over the past few years have sadly been absent of my family so to have them here with us meant the world to me and i will cherish those moments forever - their feet however may feel differently, we did walk a lot. 

I don't even know what it was about Paris that I loved most? The food, the wine, those balconies, the fact that it didn't get dark until 9pm, the bicycles, the strange but chic fashion, the loaves of bread everywhere

We had four action packed days where we saw the Eiffel Tower, enjoyed our local neighbourhood in Le Marais, walked along the Seine, checked out the Louvre, Moulin Rouge, old cemeteries, St Germain, Le Jardine Luxembourg, Montmartre, The Bastille and countless bakeries on countless corners to refuel on espresso and gelato. It was truly a blissful four days, not nearly enough time to cover all the ground I wanted and I can't wait to go back. I apologize in advance for the next week or so as I relive my adventures but I'll be posting far too many photos of shutters in an attempt to transport myself back to Paris (even if in my memory only) but please indulge me...and hope you enjoy.
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