October 28, 2013

lulu luck & blog society

We were back in Sydney for another calligraphy class with Lulu Lucky and I have to say I'm getting used to these fun classes - great food, great weather, great people. The guys from Savage Design were hosting a pop up furniture exhibition which added an extra element to the class and blooms by Hunter Harmony kept the room looking pretty while the ink flowed. Food by Tracey kept us well fed and T2 and Fiji Water made sure we were hydrated while Kara taught the class and I slipped into hostess with the mostess mode - I'm role I'm think I'm getting pretty good at.

October 26, 2013

escape to pacific palms

When the long weekend rolled around it was time for a road trip up the north coast. Six years later and I am still blown away by the beautiful beaches that dot the coast and how you can sit on a beach that resembles something out of the Caribbean and practically have the place to yourself.

We headed up to Pacific Palms, one of my favourite places and the kind of area you dream about staying forever. We rented a holiday cottage straight out of the 70's and covered in fabulous brick, Venetian blinds, floral bedspreads and leather lounges - it was daggy perfection. We lazed about the weekend, I took long naps, ate crappy food and went for swims, spotted whales and wished so much I had my family there with me, they would love it here. My beautiful nieces would love to splash around on the beaches and I'd love to walk and grab the paper with my parents and sit and have coffee in the backyard. It's moments like these when you look around and wish you could just share the beauty around you with those far away.

October 24, 2013

blogger spring picnic in the park

I have a few things I've been really wanting to do lately and one of those was to explore Sydney a bit more and take advantage of not only the beautiful spring weather we've been having, but of the stunning parks close by.  

I love a good picnic so I was trying to brainstorm a way to bring people together when I saw a message from stylist Emma Duckworth. She had been wanting to do something similar so we decided to team up and host our first blogger Spring Picnic in the Park. It was fun and easy to organise and Emma's styling skills transformed our spot in Centennial Park into something magical (um seriously check out her homemade ombre cake?? and yes she baked over 50 brownies for the goodie bags). The weather was perfect, the food table was ridiculous and I got to hang out with some pretty cool blogging friends on a beautiful spring day - pretty much the perfect Sunday.

*special thanks to Hello May, Hannah Morgan and Byron Bay Cookies for their support.

October 22, 2013

south coast camping

I grew up camping, exploring and spending my summer vacations running through the woods, roasting marshmallows and sitting by the campfire. It's still my favourite smell - the smokey, earthy scent that clings to your clothes long after the vacation has ended. 

Whenever I want an escape, a chance to be calm and just slow down I go camping. Its the only time when I can truly disconnect, sit uninterrupted for hours reading a book, just sitting in my camp chair with a glass of wine and not a care in the world.

Camping by the beach is a long cry from the deeps woods of New Hampshire or upstate New York, and although I still struggle with not having a campfire, it was just what we needed when Jimmy and I hit the road and found the perfect campground just an hour away. He surfed, I read, we walked along the beach, had steaks on the BBQ, listened to the crashing waves and talked about how this was just about perfect. Well almost perfect.  

Remove the large group of unruly lunatics who decided to peel into the campground after dark only to go to bed at 6am, and it would have been perfect. Let's just say I'm a slight sleeper and when anyone screws with my sleep, you will awaken in me a homicidal rage that can't be controlled. Looking back my behaviour was both embarrassing and hilarious as I got up about 15 times that night to try and ask them to be quiet or even better just go away but my attempts were useless so the weekend was a slightly less perfect than I had imagined. Yes, it's official, i've turned in that crazy woman who complains about noise and who ruins campground fun - god help us all.

October 20, 2013

book launch: moving out, eating in

My collection of cookbooks continues to grow and my most recent addition, Moving Out, Eating In holds a special place in my heart. Its, true that I harbour a secret dream of someday having a book published - never mind the fact I have no idea what I'd actually write about, but the idea of holding in your very hands an actual, tangible book you wrote is pretty incredible. 

Lizzie Hewson did just that. We first teamed up for our Kinfolk Butcher Block party and attending her book launch was a big moment for her and one I was proud to be a part of. Forget that she's only 26, this girl is talented and I saw first hand how hard she worked to bring this book to life and the end result is pretty amazing. My person recipe? The salted caramel butterscotch sauce is to die for. 
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