September 27, 2011

let it rain

Last week ended on a high note as we took my friend to his first rugby league game and watched Manly move into the finals.  It was a blast but I welcomed the rain this past weekend as I desperately needed a bit of detox after such a full week as tour guide.  I don't think I did much of anything to tell you the truth except dust off the sewing machine and begin to work on a few projects I've got up my sleeve. The next few weeks are busy with camping trips, baby showers and birthdays so it's full craft mode ahead and it's nice to finally be able to use those piles of fabric that have been sitting around.

I don't know about you, but I'm feeling particularly tired tonight.  I'm pretty sure it's because of the early morning starts with my new gym routine but more prevalent are the thoughts of family back home.  I got the news that my grandfather is really unwell and suddenly the distance between here and home seems magnified more than ever.  A reminder to hug those close to you and enjoy each moment we're given...

September 25, 2011

sibella court

I meant to post these photos earlier this week but we've had guests visiting from Boston and I've been lost in a haze of dinners, drinks, a bit of sight seeing and general catching up.  Anyway this past Tuesday, I went to Sibella Court's sold out workshop and sat in awe as she transformed a blank space into an eclectic, bright and cozy room using not much more than rope, old postcards and some recycled furniture.  She was down to earth, sipped a beer as she walked us through her ideas and had me convinced that I too could decorate with ease using only scraps of paper, bits of twine and hand me down furniture.  The reality is that I probably need a bit of practice to use any of these items without having it look like a garbage dump but anyways I enjoyed the night and met some great ladies. Now I'm off to sort out the junk draw and see what treasures I might uncover...

September 19, 2011

happy anniversary

Six years. I still find it hard to believe that we met six years ago, it feels like yesterday.  Time passes quickly but it doesn't change the fact that deciding to get on that bus and head to the little town of Cesky Krumlov was the best decision I've ever made.  Fate took it from there and we haven't looked back since.  Happy anniversary J. x

September 18, 2011

scenes from the week

This week you can finally feel the start of summer, the days are a bit longer and the weather warmer.  We had dinner with friends to celebrate a birthday, enjoyed a mid-week date, got back into the habit of going to the gym and spent yesterday working at my last  event of the year...

September 11, 2011

make lace not war

A birthday celebration with friends, a trip to the Powerhouse Museum with the girls to check out the Love Lace exhibition, sorting out the fabric stash and a bit of much needed spring cleaning.  It was relaxing and productive yet I sit here now with a heavy heart, looking at the clock and realising that 10 years ago today, pretty much to the hour, I was driving cross country with my friend Kristin, blissfully unaware that in a few moments everything was about to change. 

Only when we turned on the car radio did the events of 9/11 slowly unfold. We drove in silence, unable to understand what was happening, stopping at gas stations in the middle of nowhere to catch a glimpse of the news and try to contact family back in Boston. The next few days were a surreal blur of eerie middle-American towns, the open and strangely empty road, a sadness that hung in the air and endless moments watching horrific news coverage. The one thing that still stands out so clearly was the silence, when for those few days, there was not a plane in sight.  I sit here now and remember...

September 7, 2011

happy anniversary

A belated anniversary wish to my sister and brother-in-law, seems just like yesterday we were all having a blast and celebrating in Newport. Wishing you many happy years ahead...x

hawks nest

We woke up early on our last morning and tried to soak up as much of that "we're on holiday" feeling that we could manage.  Not wanting to head home, we took a slight detour through Hawks Nest on the way home and discovered a magical bay with a beach appropriately called, Jimmy's Beach.  The water was like something you'd see in the Caribbean and I kept looking for masses of people but there were none.  We had this beautiful piece of paradise virtually to ourselves and J had to drag me back to the car because I didn't want to leave. Ever.  It was such a great trip, one that cleared my head and   reminded me how full of gratitude I am for where I live and what wonderful people I have in my life. 

September 5, 2011

myall lakes

Even after living here for 4 years, Australia's vast emptiness still manages to surprise and impress me. Once you've weaved and inched your way along the Pacific Highway you finally hit the open road and leave the outskirts of Sydney behind. Only then do you realise that you can drive for hours and see nothing but tree tops on the horizon with not a town in sight, or at least that's the way it feels.

Our getaway this weekend took us to Myall Lakes, which in reality is only a little more than 3 hours up the coast, barely a stone's throw from Sydney, which makes it hard to fathom how empty the rest of this massive country is. I loved the silence, the absolute stillness, the smell of spring and in general, the pure happiness that washes over you when you escape the city and set out towards the country.  

We had a little cabin right by the lakefront where we spent endless hours sitting and staring at the views, getting up only to refill a drink, make ourselves another snack and grab a blanket when the cool air set in. What made it even more memorable was the constant kangaroo spotting and even a rare koala sighting, something this American still finds fascinating...

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