April 28, 2012

pacman & ms. warrington

Hmmm, feel like I've been neglecting this space lately. I have every intention of posting during the week and then suddenly its the weekend and I'm wondering where the time went? I've got another random collection of images and memories to share but when all placed together they paint the story of my week. I was finally able to catch up with Alexia and little Dougie, who J and I couldn't stop staring at - look at those blue eyes! Then I put in some serious hours at work, trying to get some projects ticked off the list but luckily we had a short week and on Anzac Day I decided to keep it low key. I got some fresh air, did some work, squeezed in some cooking, reading and relaxing which was key for resting up for last nights rowdy, final farewell for Anna & Jono (aka Pacman) who are about to jet off to London to start a new adventure. We've had a few send off celebrations in the past few weeks but this last hurrah was bittersweet - happy for their new start but so sad to see them go. And like any crazy, memorable night, it somehow involved an impromptu tattoo session. Bon voyage you two, we'll miss you. x

April 21, 2012

7 days

Other than building some Ikea wardrobes and taking walks around the new neighborhood I've spent the entire past week staring at photos of my niece. I kid you not. I get about twenty thousand emails a day from my family all containing updates and new photos, each one cuter than the next. I love them. So consider yourself warned, if you come within 10 feet of me in the next few weeks (or months!) you too will get a complete run through...

April 16, 2012


She finally arrived and was worth every anxious minute of waiting which I suppose is easy for me to say since I wasn't the one actually in labor.  My sister was a warrior, battling it out for what seemed like an eternity and my hat goes off to her and her partner for enduring such a long physical and emotional battle. In the end, my sweet little niece arrived happy and healthy and bubs, mom and dad are resting, recharging and getting to know each other on this brand new adventure called parenthood.

Thanks to technology and luckily for me, both J and I were able to be with my family via Skype while they waited for news and got to see pics and videos of Fiona right from the hospital. It eased the pain of not being there but I'm still counting down the days to our trip home in August to meet the little munchkin. Until then, there are presents to buys, crafts to make and I'm sure countless photos to gaze at. I'm in love already...

April 14, 2012

the waiting game

Oh, the waiting game. We've been anxiously awaiting news from back home about my new niece or nephew's impending arrival, seems the little bubba is a stubborn one. To pass the time we've explored the new neighborhood, headed out for breakfast, did a bit of work around the apartment and currently I'm lounging on the couch, feeling a tad under the weather and a whole lot of homesick. 

Excited, nervous and anxious to meet this little one and at the same time feeling so very far from home and sorry to miss such a pivotal moment in my sister's life. Thank god for Skype. The wait continues, I'll keep you posted...

April 11, 2012

say my name

Choosing a highlight from this past weekend's Easter getaway to Smith's Lake is proving more difficult than I expected. Some would argue that discovering the sheer joy of playing Taboo would take the cake, others might say the seafood extravaganza that we cooked up was a real holiday memory maker but for me it had to be the late night sing along to Destiny's Child mega hit, Say My Name.  I mean, who seriously wouldn't want to join in on some vocal harmonies and a few dance moves to one of the all time greatest female R&B groups? I rest my case.

The rest of the holiday seems tame in comparison, but we enjoyed our lake house to the fullest. The boys took off each morning to explore the surf and hit the waves and us girls enjoyed stacks of trashy mags, chick flicks, trips to the beach and frozen pina coladas - need I say more? We laughed, ate way too much food, drank a bit too much, managed to take the kayaks out on the lake and squeeze in a few cheesy photos all before settling in for some competitive game playing, hilarity ensues.  

Oh and no holiday would be complete without some personal insight or self-discovery and for me that moment was realising (with Abby's help) that when I don't dry my fringe straight I begin to resemble Hugh Grant. Happy Easter...

April 1, 2012


We've been without Internet connection since moving in (the horror) so I just wanted to pop in, say hello and post a few pics. Connection should be back up and running late next week so unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it) I'll be taking a blogging break until then.  

In other news, our apartment is finally taking shape and starting to resemble an actual place of dwelling instead of just bags and boxes scattered around. It's busy, bustling, a bit loud and we love it...
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