June 28, 2011

bonfire of the vanities

A random selection of photos from this past weekend....cold nights warmed up by the fire, (how great is that campfire smell?) a friend's farewell, stacks of magazines, Boston Pale Ale and a few more baby bibs packed up and sent overseas.  I'm off to Brisbane for a few back soon.

June 27, 2011

Life Instyle & Reed Gift Fairs

Anyone reading this blog over the past few months can probably tell I was ready for change. I'm so lucky in most aspects of my life, but my career was lacking and I was really feeling unsettled. I've been slowly making changes, asking questions and generally putting the wheels in motion that have finally paid off this week. I am proud to say that after nervously waiting and interviewing, I will say goodbye to the world of sales and welcome, with open arms, my new role in Marketing.  This role will have me working on the marketing for both the Life Instyle and Reed Gift Fairs trade shows so I hope to see many of you at our upcoming events. I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am for this new role to start...happy days ahead.

*I was also thrilled to see my guest post on the Creative Women's Circle blog today - thanks Tess!

June 26, 2011

craft fair

Okay, I know what you are thinking - Craft & Quilt Fairs are for little old ladies who spend their time scrap booking and discussing the history of decoupage. After checking out Saturday's event in Sydney I can say without a doubt that yes, this assumption is fairly accurate however I will happily mingle with these crazy, crafty ladies any day.  Em and I set out to check out the fair and four hours later found ourselves in complete awe of the crowds and left with a laundry list of projects that was a mile long. At one point we even found ourselves completely engrossed in a conversation about stamp making.  Call me crazy (or crafty) but I loved every minute of it.

June 23, 2011

the dress

I've been a bit lazy with posting this week - work has been busy and I've been making up for lost sewing time by attending two classes instead of one. With class ending next week, my aim is to finish these dresses by any means possible and this means skipping steps, paying no attention to the pattern and completely ignoring any instructions the teacher has given me.  I've decided that a dress with an uneven hem, mismatched seams and horrific stitching has 'character' and that I'd rather throw myself off a cliff than have to use the stitch unpicker one more time.  Luckily for me, I chose a rather busy fabric which somewhat hides my haphazard sewing so I'm actually not too embarrassed with the final result.  It might even be wearable. Imagine that?

June 20, 2011

happy father's day...

Dad, you've held my hand through so many of life's moments. Wishing you a happy father's day..I love you. x

June 18, 2011

hike club

I've come to the conclusion that if you add the word 'club' to any activity it immediately becomes more interesting and amusing- thus the birth of 'hike club'. Yes, that's right...I've formed a hike club. Well to be honest hike is a strong word, it's more of a walking club considering the trail we tackled today was about 45 minutes round trip. Guess the massive backpacks, liters of water, band-aids, matches and torch we packed were a bit of over kill but at least we had fun. What hike club outing would be complete without a pit stop for some beach side coffee before taking a scenic drive through Church Point and into the Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park. From there we conquered the Topham Track and then onto West Head Lookout which provided spectacular views of Palm Beach, Broken Bay and the Central Coast.  Before heading back we grabbed lunch and replenished any lost nutrients by scarfing down fish & chips and burgers. Not very healthy but the harbour views made it worth every calorie. Oh and I should warn you that like everyone legit club out there, we too have a few rules (which by writing this very post I've already broken).  First rule of hike do not talk about hike club. Second rule of hike do not talk about hike club. Third rule of hike boys.

* Ms. Rothberg - who could forget the original founding members of the LA chapter of HC? Those were the days. x

June 15, 2011

i'm on a boat...

Okay time to fess up - this photo of the Manly ferry obviously wasn't taken today (or this week for that matter). Anyone in Sydney is well aware of the seemingly endless doom and gloom weather we've been experiencing, which leads me to confess last night's discovery of yet another one my random fears.  

The night started off well as me and the lovely Em and Michelle got a double dose of insight and inspiration from Jodie Fox of Shoes of Prey.  Jodie spoke to a packed room at the Social Media Women event in the city - highly recommended. Afterwards we decided to take the ferry home and what is normally a smooth, relaxing jaunt across the harbour turned into The Perfect Storm 2. Where this fear came from I have no idea but when the captain came on the speaker announcing rough seas ahead, my blood pressure skyrocketed and sweat began to bead on my forehead. The three of us were chatting away as the boat began to sway and dip. My eyes searched hopelessly for the horizon and then realised it was pitch black outside. Panic. The waves increased and I found myself with shallow breath gripping the seat, white knuckles, waiting for a tidal wave to hit. A one point the boat leaned suddenly and bags shifted, or as my mind processed it and as I re-told the story to J later on - "things were flying everywhere and everyone was panicking".  Truth be told, no one was panicked or even remotely concerned - except for me. Living through that 'moment' I felt like George Clooney, roughing it out on the open sea (or in this case the enclosed Sydney Harbour) yet I managed to emerge from the sea triumphant, never having been so happy to reach dry land.

Embarrassing? Yes, but luckily Em and Michelle talked me through it and hopefully my panic wasn't too obvious - at least I lived to tell my tale. Word on the street was that the ferry ride was even worse today which means it's the bus for me until the sun is shining and the sea calms down. Oh and sorry about the random weekly photos. Since I couldn't manage to pry my fingers off the ferry seat to actually take a few snaps I'll leave you with a few randoms from my week: a continued obsession with Marimekko, endless train rides and numerous trips to the magazine aisle. 

June 13, 2011

god save the queen

I love a good long weekend. As an American I love it even more because I get to tell everyone from home that I'm celebrating the Queen's birthday.  Small things amuse me.  Anyway the weather was crap, my cold lingered but we still managed to have a great weekend.  We ventured into the city to catch a last glimpse of Vivid Sydney and heard a few amazing bands in the process.  Despite the fact the lead singer wore a cowboy hat during the entire set, Sister Jane was unreal as was the rest of the line up. 

The remainder of the weekend was spent brunching with friends in Balmain, reading, sleeping, watching movies, putting the slow cooker to work, chatting to family, knitting (yes the first scarf is complete!) and finally finishing a few baby gifts - let's hope they still fit.
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