February 29, 2012

Life Instyle - Part 2

There were just too many great photos from the weekend to try and squeeze them into one post...enjoy!

February 28, 2012

Life Instyle - Part 1

I'm back. My feet are sore and I look a bit worse for wear but I survived trade show madness and luckily everything went off without a hitch. The show looked great, the exhibitors were amazing and yes I wanted to buy one of everything.

I'm off to go catch up on all the blog reading I've missed but I'll leave you with a few photos I took at the show...

February 21, 2012

love the small things

It's here again. Time to break out the black suit, the fluro safety vest and my name badge as I prepare to go on site for two of our biggest events of the year: Life Instyle and Reed Gift Fairs. For the next week I'll be in trade show madness but will try to pop in from time to time and post some of the amazing products that will be on display. In the meantime you can check out my staff picks here...

February 20, 2012

the octagon

A weekend down the coast on Werri Beach. It was rowdy, at times rainy and altogether wonderful. I think we're all in denial that our friends Anna and Jono will soon be moving to London so we're squeezing every last minute out of this summer and our time together.  In our little house there were laughs, late nights, tipsy trips to the beach in the wee hours of the morning and horrific hangovers the next day. All worth it. The Gerringong weather didn't let us down and we still managed to fit in a BBQ breakfast, surf, swim and the good ole G'gong game of barefoot bowls.

February 15, 2012

you & me

I've been a bit absent around these parts lately but I'll blame it on a crazy work week that doesn't seem to be letting up anytime soon. 

Luckily we've got a weekend away planned to look forward to and of course Valentine's Day was a chance to relax and have some time just the two of us. We headed off to the Moonlight Cinema to see an outdoor showing of Breakfast At Tiffany's.  There was food, wine, sun, a bit of rain and romance - an altogether perfect night.

February 8, 2012


Tonight I was able to attend another one of Sibella Court's workshops, this time covering all aspects of commercial design. Over wine and to a sold out room, she walked us through the beginning creative process of her designs, how and where she sources products from all over the world, sticking to the brief (and the budget), the importance of collaboration and how the end result often reflects a personal journey. 

With commerical projects such as El Loco, The Beresford Hotel & Ms.G's under her belt she certainly knows what she is talking about - and how to capture a room.  She casually told stories about traveling the world, living in NYC lofts, working with Anthropologie and her next project - designing an island in the Maldives. Sounds pretty amazing right? Not only is  she full of energy and looks at design with a certain twist that only comes from 20 years experience and a unique sense of style but she has a pretty good sense of humour too. When asked how best to get along with tradesman (some of the most important people on the job) she replied casually, "never hurts to wear short shorts." 

February 6, 2012

hot hot heat

The Laneway Festival was hot. I'm not talking about the bands or the people, although they were pretty hot too but I'm referring to the heat. The kind of heat that beats down on you at mid-day while you're trying to catch a glimpse of Feist or makes your sunscreen covered skin literally drip with sweat (which by the way did wonders for my fringe). I found myself willingly paying obscene amounts of money for beer just to sip cold liquid or press the chilly can against my forehead (not to mention that the beer line was in the shade) but after a while I just didn't care. Perhaps it was the fact I was drinking beer instead of water to hydrate, or that everyone around me was sweaty too but we had a blast. We danced, we pushed through crowds, we weaved between stages, we rested in the shade and rejoiced when the sun when down. It was a long, hot, sweaty day but it was great and so were the bands. I can't wait to do it all over again next year...
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