February 27, 2014

Central Coast Road Trippin

Two significant birthdays and an extended long weekend made for the perfect excuse for a road trip getaway with friends in late January. I took only a few photos - a telltale sign of a good time - but the ones that I did manage to squeeze in summed up the weekend in Pacific Palms pretty well.  We spent the mornings hung over eating bacon and eggs, nursing our paintball bruises and reliving tales of glory over cold beers by the lake. We danced to Whitney Houston until the wee hours and tired ourselves out playing in the surf at Elizabeth Beach.  There were afternoon naps on the grass, two adorable pups to keep us entertained and of course cake for the birthday boys, doesn't get much better than that. 

February 23, 2014

the weekend sessions

I'm sorry to say I've neglected this space recently despite every attempt not too. My priorities and head space have been elsewhere but I'm determined to get back here writing more regularly because if I don't this time will simply slip away from me, taking all the great memories of the past few months with it. Since coming back from the US, we've tried to embrace summer as much as possible with weekend trips to the beach, after work drinks at the Opera Bar, Blog Society madness, far too much time spent on Instagram, not enough Facetime with my nieces, summer nights on the balcony watching the world go by and as usual, time moving far too quickly.  I'm trying to slow down so that I can write the stories, take the photos and turn these words into memories that a year from now will piece together the puzzle that is our busy, crazy wonderful life.

February 7, 2014

All In The Family

I wasn't kidding when I said I spent most of my Christmas vacation in my pajamas. It was freezing outside, I was jetlagged, had a cold and really wanted to spend every waking moment chasing these little munchkins around the house. We played in the snow, read books, took naps, ran around the house, sang repetitive songs and laughed a million times. The fact I was able to do this without showering or changing out of my sweatpants was purely just a bonus. 

Even now I can see how quickly they've changed and grown in just a few short weeks. It makes me appreciate the time we did have and hold close those memories until the next time we're all together as a family. In the meantime thank god for social media - keep those instagram snaps coming.

February 4, 2014

On Turning 35

35. The days are long but the years are short.

I admit it, turning 35 feels a bit strange. Coming off such a mind-blowing, heart racing, pinch myself roller coaster that was 34 (hello engagement, travel adventures, new niece, business launches) and finding myself face to face with my mid-thirties was a bit unnerving. I'm not really that into birthdays - I shy away from big celebrations and welcome each new year for the possibility it offers and grateful that as I get older I'm still here to enjoy around ride. 

This was just the first time that I really felt like my age (and by that I mean the actual number) and my spirit didn't match. There was a strange urgency placed upon turning 35 and the realisation that life is indeed moving very quickly. I remember when my mother turned 60 she said the same. Like we all still feel 25 inside and that only when I'm speaking to someone younger does it dawn on me that 'wait a second, I'm not actually or anywhere near 25'  

Aside from that moment of personal reflection and a pep talk to really take some extra care of myself (yes, its time to get into the gym and perhaps cut back on the vino - hangovers at 35 ain't pretty) I embraced the day and have a feeling there are some pretty incredible milestones (big and small) still around the corner and adventures just waiting to be had. Luckily I was able to celebrate with family while I was still home and was surrounded by friends for a beautiful picnic overlooking Sydney harbour when we got back. Only my actual birthday, Jimmy spoiled me rotten with breakfast out, a day at the beach, drinks in Watson's Bay and a movie snuggled on the couch to end a perfect day. In true mid-thirties style I was in bed by 9pm...
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