December 31, 2011

merry christmas

It was a white Christmas at last. True, there were only a few flakes, so small I couldn't even capture them but I didn't care, in my mind it 'snowed' on Christmas and that was all I wanted. The day was low key, presents were opened and my dad's fake tattoo sleeve was a hit all around. We were spoiled indeed and spend the rest of the day feasting, relaxing and attempting to learn to use my new camera - something that is going to take a lot longer given my lack of patience. I felt truly blessed to be home and surrounded by family, I hope each and every one of you had a wonderful Christmas. x

December 28, 2011

christmas eve

Sometimes Christmas Eve and the days leading up to Christmas are sometimes better than the real thing. The presents are wrapped under the tree, it's still acceptable to listen to Christmas carols 24hrs a day and everywhere you go, even the mall, people seem to be in a good mood. This year we were surrounded by family, food and friends. There were babies to meet, old friends to see, cousins all grown up, my new camera to play with (an early Christmas present) and of course the dog got more attention than anyone...

family & friends

Our days have been busy and have been spent catching up with my sisters and spending time with my grandfather. We've dug through old records with my dad, wrapped presents, caught up with friends and made homemade pizza on the BBQ...nothing beats a New England Christmas but we are still holding out for snow.
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