March 23, 2012

movin' on up

We're moving. finally. After what has seemed liked four million years of apartment searching, we have finally found a great little unit in the wonderfully gritty and glorious streets of Newtown. Or at least I hope so. Truth be told, after viewing the unit for a full five minutes I really can't recall what it looks like. I just remember 'balcony and city views' in the description. I was sold. 

As I've mentioned here a few times, the apartment searching process is pretty soul destroying and by the end of it you question your own judgement. "Do I really care if the apartment is next to a methadone clinic?" you might ask yourself or "maybe a refrigerator in the living room is kinda of quirky?" So honestly I have no idea if we're moving into an urban oasis or a crack den, but you know what? I don't care. If it means that at least for the foreseeable future I can enjoy my own space and avoid the god awful cattle call of the real estate world, I'm happy.

March 22, 2012


Yes, it's true. My second column over at the CWC is now live and this month takes a look at change. No, not the change but rather the often feared, rarely followed ability to shift your thinking, step out of your comfort zone and try something new. Go on, have a read...

March 20, 2012

the birthday boy

Wishing the most beautiful, kind, amazing man in my life a wonderful, happy birthday.  Sorry Jimmy, I couldn't resist the photo...

March 8, 2012

food for thought...

Long hours, endless rain and feeling a bit 'blah' seem to sum up my week. Not very uplifting I know, but then I saw this photo and the message struck a cord with me. Perfect food for thought considering today is International Women's Day...

p.s - image found here

March 5, 2012

the little sister

Sending my little sister birthday wishes for an amazing 30th! You have always made me laugh, saved me countless times by doing my hair and make-up (because even at 33 years old I still have no idea how to do either!), listened to my stupid songs, long distance voicemails and countless embarrassing dance routines. You have always impressed me with your ability to look good wearing scrubs, undying love for Carrie Underwood, ability to make buffalo chicken dip without eating it all yourself, amazing voice, sense of style and for introducing me to the unbelievable skinny girl margarita. 

I am so proud of the woman you have become and admire the strength and determination you put into everything you do. Being far away I miss you like crazy but wish you nothing but happiness in the years ahead. Here's to an amazing you!

March 4, 2012

running on empty

After two crazy weeks of working long hours I was running on empty and looking forward to a complete weekend of relaxation, the kind where you don't ever get changed out of your pj's and avoid leaving the house at all costs. It was perfect, the rained poured down most of the weekend which washed away any guilt I felt for lounging in bed, looking at magazines, making homemade pizza, doing laundry and endless reruns of trash TV.  J and I managed to look at a few more depressing apartments before heading home to drank wine and watch 'Midnight in Paris' all the while planning a trip of our own to South America later this year. It will be the first solo trip we've taken without family in ages and I can't wait to spend the next few months planning and dreaming of our adventure.

On Sunday the sun was shining - a shock to my system considering the recent monsoon weather we've had.  I moved my laziness outside and sat by the pool, met up with Alexia for a walk down to Manly and even managed to finally begin the next sewing project.  I felt relaxed, recharged and ready for the week ahead...

March 2, 2012

almost famous

I'm famous. Well sort of. Kind of. Maybe only a little bit. Okay, let's face it I'm not remotely famous in any way, shape or form but for one teeny, tiny second that is how I felt when seeing my first blog column go live on the CWC website last week. I got a tad bit excited. It was my Carrie Bradshaw moment (minus the NYC apartment, designer clothes, shoes or face on the side of the bus) but give a girl a break and let me enjoy my moment!

I've posted about the Creative Women's Circle website before and have enormous respect for Tess, who runs the site, and the concept in general that encourages and inspires creativity in women so to be an official columnist is something I'm really excited about. Each month I'll be rambling on about Sydney's creative ladies and other random tidbits I happen to discover along the way. It also means the pressure is on to come up with interesting things to write about (eek, panic setting in!) but I've got a feeling there will be no shortage of material anytime soon...
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