July 31, 2012

back to black

My entire wardrobe is black.

Except for maybe 3 pieces. Max. I'm the kind of person that;goes out to shop and returns with 5 black shirts, all exactly the same. It's a sickness; an aversion to colour.

When I was young, my aunt lived in Manhattan and used to say I was a born New Yorker. 
I walked quickly, at a brisk pace and always with a determined look, as if I was on some kind of mission. More importantly her reasoning was because I usually wore all black which for some strange reason conjures up images of Sigourney Weaver from the 80's in the movie Working Girl where she walks around Wall Street wearing some power suit with huge shoulder pads. Strange. Anyways this New York uniform would awesome if I lived in NYC or maybe even Brooklyn, but I don't. I live in Sydney. Bright, beautiful, sunny Sydney. Where the girls are tan, the clothes are bright and the boys are barefoot ...I'm in black.


I did go through a phase years back where I was into white t-shirts. When I momentarily ditched the black for the altogether fashion forward white V-neck T-shirt and jeans. Ahhh...those were my fashionista days. 

Anyways I'm back to black. For good. And as I pack my bag for Melbourne, piled high with a sea of black, I can't help but be proud of my colour choice. I mean seriously, when else can you be dressed for burglary, a funeral, resemble catering staff or a stage hand all in one?

3 tips for trade show success

Exhibiting at or visiting your first trade show can be an exciting, exhausting and let's face it, overwhelming experience. After working in the trade event industry for close to 5 years now, I brace myself each August as we prepare for the madness to begin. For those of us who have experienced the long days and ups & downs that come with any event, we know how to prepare for the long days ahead (two words: comfortable shoes) but if it's your first show the experience can be daunting, nerve wracking and downright frightening. 

Last year I wrote an article for the CWC that was called Trade Show 101 and helped designers with the often the tricky decision about being ready enter the wholesale world.  I wanted to share Part 2 of that article because it's especially timely and gives 3 tips for trade show success. Hopefully it helps to ease those first time jitters and yes, I'm serious about the me.

July 30, 2012

est - the fashion issue

I love a good stack of magazines and anyone that has seen my place knows that I'm a bit of a magazine hoarder (half the fun is flipping through pages months, or years, later - right??). Anyways the recent surge of high caliber online magazines has solved my hoarding dilemma and now I can get my eye candy fix without worrying about creating a fire hazard. It's a win, win.

Back when I was writing for the Magnolia Square Snippets blog, I did a write-up of my favourite online mags but I'm now adding to the list. Est Magazine is another gem that with each issue is emerging as a favourite. If you love design, beautiful imagery and as their tag line says 'global living with an Australian twist' then I highly suggest adding them to your 'must read' list. Their new Fashion issue is out now and it's pretty stunning...

Photography: Sarah Wood

July 29, 2012

christmas in july

I listen to Christmas carols year round. It's my dirty secret. Bing Crosby, Mariah Carey - I love them all. So you can imagine my sheer delight at discovering the Australian tradition of Christmas in July, when the weather is cold and perfect. It was my chance to eat, drink, dress like an elf and listen to Christmas carols in a socially acceptable environment - what could be better?  

So this past weekend we gathered for a a true feast worthy of Christmas complete with a gathering of friends, roaring fire, spiced wine and turducken. Now, if you've never experienced turducken (it was my first time) you're missing out. Essentially its a chicken stuffed within a duck, stuffed within a turkey and it's delicious. The weather was perfect, food was amazing, atmosphere festive and thankfully I was allowed to listen to my carol playlist on repeat for most of the night...a Christmas wish come true.

July 25, 2012

life lately

The end of July and beginning of August is always hectic. Really hectic. Phone calls go unanswered, emails wait for a reply, the house is normally in a constant state of disarray and my family begins to worry if I'm still alive. It happens every year as we launch into trade show madness but somehow always manages to surprise me. So essentially this post is for my family to let them know that yes, I'm alive and yes I'll call soon to catch up and confirm our flights home (3 weeks and counting!).

Life lately has been spent fighting off colds, spending time at home, enjoying breakfast on the balcony and finally dusting off the sewing machine. It's been a busy and interesting July but then again, I wouldn't expect anything less.

July 23, 2012

That's A Wrap: Sydney Instagram Meet-Up

Our first Sydney Instagram Meet-Up went off without a hitch. I spent much of Friday night, crafting decorations and was really excited for Sunday, despite a dismal weather forecast. In the end the crowd was small but perfect and hopefully next time around the sun will be shining as the Newport Arms provided some pretty spectacular views even during rainy/cloudy weather. 

Thanks to everyone that braved the weather and came to enjoy some food, drinks and a constant feed of Instagram pics. I can't thank Jayde & Steve from Little Paper Lane enough, they're so fun to hang out with and their Instagram bunting and lip & mustache sticks were a major hit - such the talented duo. For those that couldn't make it you can check out a few of my pics here and watch this space, we'll certainly be organising another one soon and would love to have you join us!

July 21, 2012

my hair romance

I'm not a 'hair' person. It's not that I don't like doing my hair, its that I don't know how. Yup I'm over 30 and my idea of trying out a new hair style or hell, even trying something new, is to throw it back in a pony tail. How daring! I guess that's why when I met Christina Butcher, author of the Hair Romance blog at this event, I was so impressed. Not just with the fact that she's created this hugely successful blog but more importantly - she does her own hair.  

To me, that's pretty amazing. She's created an entire blog about hairstyles and how to do them yourself complete with videos and tutorials - something I should spend some time looking over considering the current state of my hair.  Anyways, split ends aside, I jumped at the chance to say hello to her again when she was speaking at a She Inspires event in the Rocks this week. Held in a newly converted art studio I spent most of the night trying to work out how Christina got her pink tips and the other half taking her in blogging advice. Let the hair romance begin...

July 19, 2012

what are your plans this weekend?

It's all happening.

The Sydney Instagram Meet-Up that I'm co-hosting with Little Paper Lane is on this Sunday (rain or shine) - won't you join us?  Festivities kick-off at the Newport Arms at 11am so bring the kids, bring a friend or just bring yourself and enjoy some Instagram-worthy views, a cheeky glass of wine and the chance to step away from your iPhone and meet some new people. It will be fun! Head over to the Facebook Page for more information and I look forward to seeing you there!  #instameet2012

July 18, 2012

endless summer/winter

Boston winters drag on for months. It feels endless. Sometimes during the middle of winter when the sky is grey and the trees are bare you actually forget what summer feels like (or at least harbor a secret fear it will never return). After weeks of shoveling snow at 6am just to get your car free so you can drive to work in the pitch dark and return home in the same darkness, you begin to go a bit crazy.  

Then I moved to Sydney. Suddenly winter wasn't so bad. I mean of course its cold but isn't that just a great excuse to buy a Snuggie? This weekend we decided to head to Coogee for a bit of an adventure and to check out someplace that I'd never visited before. It was beautiful and no matter how long I live here I'll never get used to seeing that amazingly clear blue ocean. The blue sky, calm seas and warm sunshine - can you believe they call this winter?

p.s - yes, we're wearing matching plaid shirts. embarrassing.

July 17, 2012

the july sessions

July is almost over. What?

Seriously, where is this year going and what on earth have I been doing to make it pass so quickly?  Over the past few weeks I've been up to a bit of this and a bit of that but luckily Instagram has been capturing these moments along the way. I love that I can share random and often bizarre or strange moments with everyone back home or here in Australia, moments that I normally wouldn't ever share (for example what I had for dinner last night or the random Rail Corp band that was serenading everyone at the train station today on my way home from work) and yes its strangely voyeuristic but comforting at the same time. Is that strange? I suppose so but get on Instagram and you'll see what I mean, trust me. This month I've been playing along to #interiorsphotomonth so if you check out my feed you'll mostly see some images and snippets of life at home, in all its mundane glory.  

p.s - speaking of time flying, my little niece is already 3 months old! I'm counting the days until I'm home in Boston and can squeeze her chubby little legs. xx

July 14, 2012

My Top 8 Freedom Picks

At this very moment I'm watching old episodes of The Bachelor. Cheesy, fantastic and cringe-worthy group dates and rose ceremonies. I love it. Later on I might make a burrito or attempt some sewing. This is my Saturday night...jealous? 

No, I didn't think so.  

Long gone are the days I can go out two nights in row and still function. Instead I'm on the couch relaxing, Jimmy is out watching the footy game with the boys and I'm curled up in our apartment, happily watching trash TV. Although our place isn't my dream home, I love it here and more importantly I love the area. This place could do with a coat of paint, I secretly dream of ripping up the hideous blue carpet and I wish it was filled with the great stuff that I picked out on the Freedom Facebook Page but until we can afford a place of our own (does that ever really happen in Sydney??), this is home. 

Oh, did I mention The Sound of Music is on shortly? This night just keeps getting better...

July 13, 2012

what is your creative process?

This month, my column for the Creative Women's Circle explores the creative process, something that personally I've always struggled with. Despite how much I try and desperately want it, I'm not a strong visual person. I know what I like and what looks good but actually creating something on paper or screen has never been a strong point. I prefer words, I always have.

It wasn't until recently that I truly discovered that your own creative process has nothing to do with graphic design or painting or sculpting or being a poet (although Julia Denes who I mention in the post is a stunning artist) - its the simple process all individuals take to make an idea, big or small, become a reality. This process can take many forms and for everyone its different. Understanding how your own process works is the key to making all those ideas that are floating around in your head (the ones you dream about and lose sleep over) actually happen.  

If you haven't yet listened to Elizabeth Gilbert's TED Talk do it, now. It's brilliant.

July 11, 2012

back to school with megan morton

I’d heard the rumors, the industry gossip and read the countless articles about super stylist and all around creative genius, Megan Morton but after finally meeting her this past Saturday I can only say one thing – it’s all true, the woman is awesome. Like really awesome. Girl crush awesome.

I arrived at The School on Saturday morning a bit early (such a the eager student) and ready to tackle my first Photoshop class. I was met by Megan, decked out in a bright yellow jacket, who gave me such a warm welcome and immediately made me feel comfortable. She and her team effortlessly styled the room with vintage teacups, bright yellow flowers and crocheted blankets to keep us warm and toasty. It set the tone for the rest of the day and no detail was overlooked.

The class was small and friendly and our teacher for the day, Simone Madigan did a wonderful job of leading us newbie’s through the ins and outs of Photoshop, stopping only for coffee breaks and to eat the most amazing food prepared by Kitchen By Mike.  On our breaks I made a mad dash to finally check out Koskela next door and secretly made plans to never leave and live in this creative compound for the rest of my life. It’s that good.

The class was great and the experience was wonderful. If you have the chance to do something for yourself go, do it, now. Being in a creative place, learning and challenging myself was something I needed, the perfect springboard to keep moving in the right direction.
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