June 23, 2011

the dress

I've been a bit lazy with posting this week - work has been busy and I've been making up for lost sewing time by attending two classes instead of one. With class ending next week, my aim is to finish these dresses by any means possible and this means skipping steps, paying no attention to the pattern and completely ignoring any instructions the teacher has given me.  I've decided that a dress with an uneven hem, mismatched seams and horrific stitching has 'character' and that I'd rather throw myself off a cliff than have to use the stitch unpicker one more time.  Luckily for me, I chose a rather busy fabric which somewhat hides my haphazard sewing so I'm actually not too embarrassed with the final result.  It might even be wearable. Imagine that?


The Franglaise said...

Hope you manage to finish them. Uneven = charm! :)

Lizeylou said...

unpicking is the worst ... I am not even patient enough to sew - well actually I start of patient and then end up not caring at all and just wanting to get it finished.
But from what I can see your dress looks fantastic - hope we get to see a pic of you wearing it!

Nell said...

I think it's darn good. Would never have noticed anything wrong. And yes, unpicking is the worst!
Have an awesome weekend dude xx

Amanda said...

When can I put in my order?? So far it looks lovely!

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