April 28, 2012

pacman & ms. warrington

Hmmm, feel like I've been neglecting this space lately. I have every intention of posting during the week and then suddenly its the weekend and I'm wondering where the time went? I've got another random collection of images and memories to share but when all placed together they paint the story of my week. I was finally able to catch up with Alexia and little Dougie, who J and I couldn't stop staring at - look at those blue eyes! Then I put in some serious hours at work, trying to get some projects ticked off the list but luckily we had a short week and on Anzac Day I decided to keep it low key. I got some fresh air, did some work, squeezed in some cooking, reading and relaxing which was key for resting up for last nights rowdy, final farewell for Anna & Jono (aka Pacman) who are about to jet off to London to start a new adventure. We've had a few send off celebrations in the past few weeks but this last hurrah was bittersweet - happy for their new start but so sad to see them go. And like any crazy, memorable night, it somehow involved an impromptu tattoo session. Bon voyage you two, we'll miss you. x

1 comment:

v said...

ouch:),...great blog! I have just been reading it for ages, thank you! have a great weekend..

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