November 15, 2012

looking forward, looking back

My lists are long. My dreams are big. 

More often than not, its daunting to think about those long lists and far away dreams. Self-doubt begins to creep in, comparison (that evil word) begins to emerge and your goals can seem a million miles away. Suddenly things begin to slot themselves into the unreachable category.  By focusing too much on what’s ahead we often lose sight of what’s in front of us…

Lately, instead of looking ahead (and getting crazily overwhelmed) at how much has yet to be accomplished, I've been glancing back and appreciating how far I've come.  I look at what goals have been reached, what personal milestones have been achieved and what wonderful and beautiful memories have been made this year. This new appreciation for the small things has enabled me to be grateful for the little moments that make up the bigger picture.  In terms of this little blog here, I was extremely proud to be featured on the much admired Blogstar site as well as have our home profiled on the beautiful Lottie Loves blog. These 2 little moments, although not on my ‘to do’ list, signify a move forward and represent a perfect excuse to stop and appreciate things just as they are.

Go ahead and take a moment today, not to look forward but to appreciate all that you have around you and how far you've actually come.


Ellen Arthur said...

Well done!! I know the feeling of constant comparisons and feeling like you will never reach your many and varied goals. Congrats on your successes and I'm sure that with an attitude like yours that many more of your dreams will come to pass.
Ellen xx

Anonymous said...

HI Jaclyn,

I must say that I love your blog!

I've found Little Paper Trees not long ago, and I've been visiting you since then, specially after Boot Camp.

I just wanted to say that anytime I come here, It always makes me feel good. Your consistent goodness really put smiles on my face very often.

Please don't stop!

love, from MyColorfulNest

Shambolic Living said...

Very good advice. I spend my life with a million dreams and ideas floating around and often neglect to appreciate where I am right now and what I have achieved.

Anonymous said...

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Tina Ramchandani said...

Congrats on the feature! Happy to hear that things are going so well for you. Although these things weren't on your "to do" list, these exciting, unexpected events really motivate you to keep going!

Lorraine said...

You make me so proud to be your Mom!

Unknown said...

I hear you. It's too easy to get caught up and overwhelmed by endless lists. I am the same. Always full of ideas and goals to achieve, it's the most important to appreciate every little step on the way!
and congrats to the features.

Evie said...

i hear you on feeling overwhelmed when looking to far forward, so true the here and now holds a lot to be grateful for. lovin' your posts.
happy belated thanks giving too x

Helen said...

Been catching up on your posts Jaclyn - great read and so inspiring. Nice work!

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