June 7, 2011

pin cushion

After an exhausting Tuesday I wanted nothing more than to fall on the couch, turn on the TV and zone out. Unfortunately I had my class tonight so I gathered up my machine, sewing kit and off I went.  

Like most nights I got a crazy burst of energy that had me zipping through fabric, ironing interfacing, pinning up a second dress and chatting away with my fellow classmates.  I was focused and suddenly the stress of the day was an distant memory - bliss.


Lorraine said...

Looks like you'll be a pro seamstress in no time! I always enjoyed sewing but never had the courage to try clothing, only curtains. I'm proud of you! Mom

Ellie said...

Dresses are looking good! I love the fabrics you've chosen, best of the luck with the rest of the project! x

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