August 17, 2011

life in the slow lane

My cold has subsided and I'm so glad to finally have my energy back. There is something about this time of year, when spring feels like its just around the corner, that really makes me look forward to the months ahead.  Maybe it's the lingering effect of the cold medicine or the fact I've been trapped inside the house for too long, but I feel strangely motivated and inspired. Inspired to knit up a storm and finally finish these Xmas presents, inspired to take on this new role at work, which has so far proved to be both challenging and rewarding, inspired to get outside and get in shape after a gluttonous few months and the list goes on. I have to admit it's a really great feeling.  Over the next few weeks we hope to have a little holiday and even have visitors from home stopping by - lots to look forward to.  J's ankle debacle has forced us to move at a crutch's pace but I don't mind (I'm sure he feels differently). It has forced us to slow down and I'm looking forward to a quiet weekend together, in the meantime here are some photos from our week.

p.s. wishing my sister and brother-in-law a wonderful belated honeymoon on the Amalfi Coast - enjoy!

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