October 17, 2011

on trend

Last week I went to check out the designLIVE seminar, hosted by the ISCD, and once again was impressed with the event they put on.  As always the room was packed, this time filling up the Museum of Sydney and offering a line-up of speakers that included stylist Emma Elizabeth Coffey, editor of Real Living Magazine, Deb Bibby, textile designer, Julie Paterson from Cloth and Prue Royle from the ISCD.

I heard Emma talk about her overseas experience at some of the Milan trade shows, Deb share the original Real Living mission statement that was created over a few glasses of wine and heard Julie talk about how her mother influenced her path to becoming a textile designer.  It was interesting, inspiring and I loved every minute of it (nerd!).  Luckily for me Sydney has been hosting some pretty amazing design events lately and since I've got an exciting design project that I've been working on for my day job, it's been great getting to embrace all these opportunities...

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