October 2, 2012

be here now

The only thing better than a lazy Sunday morning is a lazy Monday morning during a long holiday weekend. It’s probably my favourite time to kick back, relax and feel slightly proud of myself that the shopping is already done, the house already clean and laundry has been put away. With all that has been in the news lately I was all too aware this weekend of how fleeting life can be and how important it is to hold loved ones close and take the extra few minutes to simply be grateful and to just pick up the phone and connect with family and friends. All too often I get caught in my own, never ending ‘to do’ list and can easily lose sight of living in the moment and enjoying the present just as much as the anticipation of the future. Be here now
This past weekend was Labour Day and I while we kept it pretty low key, I had fun playing around with my new camera lens in anticipation of an upcoming project (watch this space), Jimmy and the boys spent all of Saturday recording in the studio for an exciting project of their own and the rest of the weekend was spent watching the footy grand finals,holiday dreaming and lounging in the sun with friends, cold drinks in hand, soaking up what is hopefully going to be an exciting, and certainly busy, summer ahead.


Sarah York said...

Hi Jaclyn,
Thanks for saying hello! I have always thought it would be a fun adventure to move to Australia, so I'm curious what you do there and how you moved over! Your photos are gorgeous...

Jasmin said...

Hi Jaclyn, sending a wave to you from Germany. I'm really excited to just get started tomorrow! :)

Christina @ Homemade Ocean said...

Ohhhh that looks wonderful!!!! I love all of your pictures :)

Love from BYW bootcamp!!!

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