January 24, 2013

the idea factory

Throughout my entire trip to Vietnam, I waited for that light bulb moment.

I waited for a burst of creativity, a spark of energy to finish projects left behind and that long awaited 'aha' moment...a moment that never came. It seems that my mind and body had other plans for my holiday...they wanted to relax. So that's what we did. For three blissful weeks I let it go. My plans to read my camera manual from cover to cover never happened, the stack of books remained unread and blog posts unwritten.  Instead I made a real effort to be in the moment, which truth be told I found extremely difficult. I'm someone who is constantly planning, plotting, thinking of the next step, the next move and really focusing on what was happening around me was a strange but wonderful challenge.

What it meant was that I came home feeling rested and ready. The start of the new year always feels like a clean slate, ready for new goals and lists. It's a time for ideas, for scheming up big plans, for dreaming and for diving in.  And I'm ready to dive in. I've got lots of goals and plans for 2013 and it's already off to a crazy and hectic start. Perhaps this is the year to thrive in chaos? Whatever is ahead, I look forward to the constant, joyful struggle of living in the moment.

What are your goals for 2013?


Amanda said...

Reading my camera manual is something on my to-do list too :) One day :) I have two of the three books above beside my bed waiting for me to get stuck into them too... am a few chapters into The Happiness Project at the moment and loving it!

emmabovary said...

Love this post! Glad to hear you relaxed, I find it a really hard thing to do on holidays as well. My goals are to complete my diploma at uni, read good books and get to a fit and happy medium.

Kate Moore said...

Happy birthday and here's to new adventures. I love that feeling of new things and ideas to start on and things to achieve.

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