July 1, 2013

Blog Society Vivid Launch - Part 1

When I set out last year with the absurd idea of talking to the team at the Vivid Festival about including a blogging event, I had no idea they’d actually say yes or that this year’s festival would be the backdrop for the launch of Blog Society. 

Life has a funny way of turning out and in this case the end result was far better than I actually imagined.  I wanted to launch Blog Society during the Vivid Festival because I wanted to provide a platform for bloggers to be recognized and supported as storytellers so the event was themed around digital storytelling and included a photography/styling component.  It involved months of planning, emails, late nights and the support of so many incredible friends, brands & bloggers that I am truly grateful for.

I remember waking up the morning of the event and feeling strangely calm - up until the moment I looked out over Circular Quay from our venue at the MCA and reality hit – it was actually happening, I had done it.  The next two hours were a blur but I tried to stop and take it all in but I don’t think it really settled until the next day when an exhausted, proud, relieved feeling washed over me. For me it was the start of something fun, a celebration of not only my hard work but of all the things that really matter to me.  The adventure had just begun...

*A huge thank you to the talented Annette Wilson for creating this sweet Blog Society video.


Angela said...

Looks like it was a fantastic event!

Helen said...

Thanks for organising it Jaclyn and championing the creative blogging space in Australia - huge kudos!
x Helen

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