July 21, 2013

Stills: A Weekend Collection

This column of weekly (or in this case, weekend) stills is inspired by my friend and awesome fellow blogger, Em from The Beetleshack whose weekly columns reminds me that the everyday, mundane moments that make up your week(end) are the ones that truly matter.  This weekend was quiet yet still seemed to fly by too fast. There were band gigs, long runs, glasses of red wine, a haircut and manicure thrown in there for good measure, long chats on the phone and a lunch with family in the sunshine.  Emails got sent, ideas explored, the house cleaned, laundry hung out and we squeezed in a surf and swim at the beach despite the chilly weather.  They were small moments that made up our weekend and I feel quietly, relaxed yet wishing for more time - isn't that always the way?

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