September 9, 2013

Melbourne Kinfolk Workshop

Taking a beautiful photograph, capturing a small moment and allowing it to linger is a skill I long to have. It's one I hope to continue to work on but I've decided that when possible its best to leave it to the pros.  

That's why I was so elated when the beautiful Sarah Williams agreed to fly all the way over from Tasmania to shoot our most recent Melbourne Kinfolk Workshop: Honey Harvest. The girl is a beautiful soul inside and out and we immediately clicked, in fact I couldn't have pulled off the event without her help and that of the amazing Laura from Once Was Lost - together this Tasmania duo helped me from the start and word on the street is that they are working on their own Tasmanian Kinfolk event soon. Now that I'm back from our trip I am finally getting a chance to post some of Sarah's pics from that wonderful afternoon - enjoy!

Additional thanks to the other members of our A team for helping put together such a great day: Cake Wines, Pop & Scott, Sarah Williams Photographer, Maya Sunny Honey, Once Was Lost, Melbourne City Rooftop Honey 

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Simones Kitchen said...

Gorgeous Photos indeed!!

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