December 23, 2013

Braid Bar | Hair Romance

Anyone that knows me, understands that when it comes to hair & makeup I tend to keep it simple. I blame lack of skill and sheer laziness for this but when it comes to my hair the most daring I get is a ponytail (or if i'm particularly daring, the top knot) so I decided the best way to push me out of my comfort zone was to team up with Christina from Hair Romance to host a Braid Bar.

After a glass of wine I was ready to tackle the crown braid, the fishtail and the waterfall. I wouldn't say I actually excelled at any of them but I did have fun and was particularly impressed with some of my fellow classmates braiding skills. I have a lot of practice ahead of me.


Maria said...

Such a fun idea, I love it! :-)

Hair Romance said...

Oh I love these pics! Can't wait to see more event photos x

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