January 8, 2014

Sewing 101: Baby Quilt #2

I knew from the moment my second niece, Lela, was born in August that I'd make her a baby quilt. I made one for her sister, Fiona, and I was actually really excited to dust off the sewing machine and make something that (hopefully) she can treasure forever knowing that it was made with love from her aunt far away.

Now being an extremely impatient person means that my sewing skills are less than stellar and that attention to detail isn't my strong point (fingers crossed that when my sister washes the quilt it doesn't fall into a million pieces). Even if it doesn't stand the test of time I loved the process of making it and after a busy end to 2013 I found it really therapeutic to sit in front of my sewing machine (swearing and screaming at times) and to make something. I spend so much time looking at Pinterest and reading magazines filled with pages of beautiful things I'd love to own but rarely do you have the opportunity (or desire) to actually make it with your own hands.  It's quite an addictive process and one that I forgot how much I enjoyed. The end result was something I was really proud of and happily wrapped it for Christmas knowing that it was going to be loved by that little munchkin I hadn't yet met.  I'm happy to report that although I don't make new year's resolutions, sewing is back on my priority list and I'm already cutting material for my next project - watch this space.

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