April 6, 2014

Girls Night Out: Cookbook Club

I've wanted to be a in book club my entire life. The only thing better? Cookbook club.  So instead of actually reading a book we cook recipes from a chosen cookbook and spend the night feasting off delicious courses and amazing cocktails.  After months of talking about the idea we finally got around to gathering this weekend and the night was a huge success, ending with full bellies that can only be compared to post-Thanksgiving bliss. Next time I'm wearing elastic waist pants.

Ness and her lovely roommate Emma hosted the first event and we all made recipes from Karen Martini's Everyday cookbook and a few favourites from Donna Hay. I was in charge of mojitos and happily ate my body weight in roasted pork belly, a mozzarella salad to die for and equal servings of homemade apple pie and baked ricotta cheesecake. I came home on Saturday night barely able to move and happily crashed on the couch, catching up on Downton Abbey while Jimmy was at band practice. It was the by far the best meal I've had in ages and we're already planning the next one. Trust me, ditch book club and say hello to cookbook club, you'll never look back.

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