June 18, 2014

Byron Bay: Splash Workshop

In late May I went to Byron Bay for a solo trip that in total was 24hrs. Despite the whirlwind experience, it was enough to soak up the laid back, chilled out vibe that Byron is famous for and gave me a chance to hang out with some girls that became fast friends. To give you some background I was invited by Nikki of Paper Runway to take part in her Splash Creative weekend and to host a session on building community and to hold our first interstate Instagram Meet-up.  I was sold and couldn't wait to head up to Byron (I've only been there once before years ago) and finally get to meet some of the bloggers I've only known online.  

I was lucky enough to be able to stay at the famed Atlantic Byron Bay Guest House and it completely lived up to expectations and despite the rainy weather I soaked up as much as Byron as I could in that short time. The workshop was a blast and I was able to enjoy some solo travel time shopping, checking out the beach and treating myself to a coffee and breakfast where I could people watch to me heart's content. As everyone will tell you there is just something magical about Byron (even in the rain) and I can't wait for Jimmy and I to be able to head back soon for another trip.

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