June 13, 2012

black is not a colour

So officially black isn't considered a colour but I beg to differ. I love black followed only by white in a distant second (I know, I know such bold choices) and as someone with a fondness (obsession?) for the 'colour' black it's quite ironic that tomorrow night I'll be heading off to a colour masterclass hosted by Real Living Magazine. The purpose of the class is fortunately not to discuss my Morticia Adams-like wardrobe but to learn a few secrets about colour palates so that when we finally, someday buy a place of our own I can go crazy with colour. And by crazy, I mean grey.


Anonymous said...

Interesting isn't it? My mother in law told me that my sofa isn't black and I thought he had a problem.. hahahahaha! found you too :)Just saw that you are from Sydney and I'm form the Gold Coast :)



Anonymous said...

I meant "she"

Unknown said...

ha! love this! seriously...why can't we just consider these colors?! and i am so happy you stopped by my blog today :) i absolutely love what you have going on here! so nice to meet you :) XO brynn

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