July 30, 2012

est - the fashion issue

I love a good stack of magazines and anyone that has seen my place knows that I'm a bit of a magazine hoarder (half the fun is flipping through pages months, or years, later - right??). Anyways the recent surge of high caliber online magazines has solved my hoarding dilemma and now I can get my eye candy fix without worrying about creating a fire hazard. It's a win, win.

Back when I was writing for the Magnolia Square Snippets blog, I did a write-up of my favourite online mags but I'm now adding to the list. Est Magazine is another gem that with each issue is emerging as a favourite. If you love design, beautiful imagery and as their tag line says 'global living with an Australian twist' then I highly suggest adding them to your 'must read' list. Their new Fashion issue is out now and it's pretty stunning...

Photography: Sarah Wood

1 comment:

::The Beetle Shack:: said...

okay, i'm addicted to your blog.

xo em

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