January 29, 2013

australia day

I have little belief in the Australian weather forecasting system. They never seem to get it right so when our Australia Day camping weekend showed rain in the forecast, it did little to deter me from packing our bags and heading down the coast. I was ready for lazy summer nights just hanging around the campsite, some good food, a few laughs and perhaps a board game or two. The forecast predicted heavy rain but I didn’t believe them, they never get this shit right. Well this time they did.

The first day and a half were camping perfection – blue skies, a slight breeze, plenty of cold beer and bbq’s galore. There was even a country fair with wood chopping and carni rides to top off the holiday experience. It was somewhere close to midnight when the rain began, slowly at first and then continuing for hours into a thunderous roar.  It was only when I reached the across the tent and felt a puddle of water did a realise that perhaps it's wise to sometimes listen to the weather report.

Rather than risk another wet night we packed up early and headed home, stopping in Berry on the way for some amazing food and a bit of shopping. Later that night, to continue in the holiday spirit, we drank champagne and cooked up a seafood feast- the perfect, drizzly end to a wet and wonderful weekend away.

p.s - these pics are my first attempt at keeping my camera on manual - eek!


Margaret | Destination Here&Now said...

Such a pretty part of the world. We've done so much camping on the far south coast. Bummer about the rain but the alternative looks pretty good :)

Unknown said...

Oh man, I love Australia. We just got back from Sydney and I in love with the beaches, great bars/restaurants, and laid back approach to living.

Looks like you had a great time camping - whatever the weather!

x Elena @ Randomly Happy

Molly {Dreams in HD} said...

such gorgeous photos. i would love to visit australia someday. and the food looks amazing :)

Molly {Dreams in HD}

Unknown said...

Good work. I am still trying to resist the urge to leave my camera on manual instead of automatic. But when you're taking photos of impatient and fast paced kids it's so much easier to get a 'good shot' on automatic... but then you never get a 'great shot' like you do with manual. Have been catching up with your travels and musings. Looks like a gorgeous trip! Very jealous! xo m.

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