July 15, 2013

the digital diet

I did something out of character recently, something daring, risky and altogether groundbreaking - I boycotted social media.

Yup, for one whole, whopping day I fearlessly put down my iPhone, said goodbye to Instagram and went about my day technology-free and without updates about friend's whereabouts, food choices,  outfit posts and those much loved selfies. It was a struggle at first, I'm used to having my phone glued to my hand, ready to snap away at a moments notice but over the past few weeks I've noticed that I've stayed up fair too late, had fewer conversations and was beginning to become all together way too comfortable with being connected.  I needed a break, I needed a digital diet.

So one glorious Sunday I set off to cleanse myself of social media madness and see if I could survive the day.  What actually happened was pretty miraculous - I went for walks and let go of the urge to capture that damn rainbow, had lengthy conversations with Jimmy, I read a book (gasp!) relaxed with a cup of tea and generally just enjoyed my day and relished in the simple things.  While I can't promise to stay away from social media altogether, I love it too much, I did learn that the occasional break is grounding and a strong way to learn to live in the moment and that life does go on even if its not documented in a filtered Instagram feed.

1 comment:

Helen said...

So necessary to have a social media break now and then, I think I enjoy life more when I'm not having it compared to everyone else's!

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