July 17, 2013

kinfolk butcher block party: the dinner

I’ve always struggled with the concept of creativity. I’ve never felt like a typically ‘creative’ person – I don’t draw, paint, sculpt or design yet there is an inherent need and passion that I feel to create. Things. Sometimes useless, sometimes meaningful but always my own and always something that I’m proud of. The end result of the Kinfolk Butcher Block dinner I helped to create solidified my belief that creativity comes in all shapes and sizes.

We are all creative. No matter how unfamiliar it may feel. One of my ultimate goals for Blog Society was to feed and nourish that often neglected side of myself and others.  To create environments where people can create, something, anything that makes them feel great. To this effect, seeing the dinner actually unfold and to know that I played my own role in helping to create this gathering of incredible people – most of whom I had only met online if at all, was pretty cool. So go off and start creating, in any way, shape or form that suits you. You create by creating and do by doing, - just get started. 

Without further rambling here are more photos from the incredible Emma Scamell of the actual dinner - a fun affair that went off without a hitch. For an absolutely mind-blowing overview of the night, here is a video from the night that you can't miss from Extra Mile Pictures.

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Ellie said...

This looks amazing! I've read so much about the Kinfolk dinners in the US and always wondered if they would one day come to Aus! Well done, it looks spectacular! (Perhaps Melbourne will be next?)

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