September 19, 2013

Nice & The French Riviera

I always knew that four days in Paris was never going to be enough - but it left the perfect excuse to revisit one of these days and opened up the opportunity to head south and hit the French Riviera, a location that lived up to its very glamorous reputation.

The four of us were up early and said goodbye to Paris at 6am, but not before indulging one last time in a neighbourhood croissant. The hour and a half flight to Nice was a breeze, with the only drama being Jimmy spilling his entire coffee all over our ipad and my lap but with that out of the way we landed in warm, sunny Nice and I fell completely in love. It was more like Italy than I ever imagined, our apartment was right near Old Town and close to the beach, which we wasted no time exploring. It feels like for the next four straight days we hit the beach, gazed at so much skin and tans like I've never seen before, ate Italian food, drank rose, stuffed our faces with bread & cheese, walked around Old Town and then crashed, only to repeat the next day. It was heaven and felt like the true 'holiday' we needed.

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