September 17, 2013

Sydney Modern Calligraphy Workshop with Lulu Lucky

This past weekend I hosted a workshop that I've been anxiously awaiting for weeks. It was a modern calligraphy class with Kara Hynes who many know as Lulu Lucky and with whom I've been chatting with for months while we put this together. Kara was a dream to collaborate with and we had a blast transforming The Corner into a stunning workshop space where for the entire afternoon we had a great time with 15 incredible girls.  

The sign was shining and I remember just sitting back and taking it all in - everything from the flowers, to the food to the handmade tassel garlands turned out exactly as we planned and everything just seemed to slip into place. More importantly everyone there walked away with something tangible - a beautiful material kit from Lulu Lucky herself and a new appreciation for the art of calligraphy (it is way harder than it looks) and I for one walked away feeling satisfied with putting on a workshop that I was truly proud to host and one that I hope offered value, an escape and a coveted moment of creativity - the whole reason for these workshops in the first place. It was a good feeling and one that certainly warranted a glass of wine when it was all over...

p.s - special thanks to the following for supporting our event this weekend: The CornerFood By TraceyThe Grounds Florals by SilvaPics_MissmayaSweaty Betty PR, Blush Loves MintC Coconut WaterSanta Vittoria

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lisa mae said...

all your images look amazing.....smooch lisa

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