October 26, 2013

escape to pacific palms

When the long weekend rolled around it was time for a road trip up the north coast. Six years later and I am still blown away by the beautiful beaches that dot the coast and how you can sit on a beach that resembles something out of the Caribbean and practically have the place to yourself.

We headed up to Pacific Palms, one of my favourite places and the kind of area you dream about staying forever. We rented a holiday cottage straight out of the 70's and covered in fabulous brick, Venetian blinds, floral bedspreads and leather lounges - it was daggy perfection. We lazed about the weekend, I took long naps, ate crappy food and went for swims, spotted whales and wished so much I had my family there with me, they would love it here. My beautiful nieces would love to splash around on the beaches and I'd love to walk and grab the paper with my parents and sit and have coffee in the backyard. It's moments like these when you look around and wish you could just share the beauty around you with those far away.

1 comment:

miss b said...

What a stunning location and what a treat to be able to enjoy such a beautiful beach without the crowds. Sounds like the perfect, relaxing weekend break.

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