October 6, 2013

Gordes, Avignon, Arles

I have always wanted to hit the road and explore the south of France so when we finally did it, we made it a priority to try and stop in as many little villages as possible. True, at times it did feel like we were jumping out of the car more often than not and racing through empty yet stunning lane ways and cobblestone streets, admiring window boxes, beautiful doors and shoving baguettes under our arm as we raced off to the next destination. That's the thing about a road trip with limited time and that while you are taking time to enjoy the scenery there is just so much to take in, and I have a tendency to want to see it all.

My favourite memories from the road are the fields of sunflowers that went on for miles, the French pop music, the changing landscape, the castles seen in the far off distance and the medieval towns dotted all over the landscape. If i could I would have explored them all but I'm pretty dame happy with some of the gems we did discover, tucked into hillsides or standing perched on a hill, all with a story of their own and far more history than I can write here.

1 comment:

Angela said...

Driving around the South of France is definitely on my must do list for next year. Your pictures are lovely!

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