March 6, 2014

saying goodbye to sydney summer

A collection (random at best) of recent memories, mostly of our quickly fading summer. I have to admit I love the change of seasons. Autumn and winter here are nothing compared to the endless grey misery that Boston winters behold so instead I fully embrace this cooler weather and welcome with open arms the chance to break about boots and 'fall' clothes. 

Still, I will miss those amazing Australian beach days and summer nights that I've grown to love so while the weather is still warm I'm going to try and stretch them out for as long as I can.

Moments captured here: Laneway discoveries on my daily walk to catch the train to work, nothing beats an afternoon basking in the sun at Harro's place, a new quilt I'm slowly piecing together and Pimms and pico de gallo on the balcony, just because.

1 comment:

CameronRobertson said...

Don't worry too much about Summer disappearing! Short of putting away the singlets and thongs into self storage, the hot weather will come right back around same time next year Haha!

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