March 18, 2014

Summer Camp: Gerrigong

Some will disagree but I find nothing more relaxing than a weekend camping trip. I guess camping takes me back to my childhood where we'd all squeeze into the family station wagon and take off on a summer camping adventure. I remember watching my dad expertly pack the car like a jigsaw puzzle and begging my mother to bring macaroni and cheese - the ultimate camping indulgence. There is something about the simplicity that draws me in, that relaxes me like no other holiday on earth. Forget the Four Seasons give me an earthy camp site any day and hell if you throw in a few mosquito coils I may just stay forever.

Jimmy and I packed the car and headed down to the South Coast after work and almost instantaneously any trace of stress disappeared as soon as the city was in our back view mirror. We didn't do much of anything - which was exactly the plan - but we sat around and talked, ate cheese and crackers, listened to music and went to bed at 9pm...what more could you ask for? The next day we did it all over again except managed to venture out to pick up the paper and grab some coffee before spending the day at the beach. It was the perfect weekend camping escape and I hope we can squeeze in one more trip before winter returns...

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