April 14, 2014

Blog Society: Terrarium Workshop

Do you really need an excuse to play in the dirt? 

Not really so when my clever gal pal Jenny showed up one night for a BBQ and revealed some pics of a kick ass terrarium she had created as a birthday gift a light bulb moment happened. Now this wasn't Jenny's first time creating a terrarium (she's been the terrarium queen for ages) so after a few glasses of wine, we collectively decided that a workshop was needed and began to plan immediately. When it comes to workshops lately the ideas are plenty and I can get tunnel vision mighty fast. I'm pretty sure we had the event figured out and tickets on sale within a few days. Boom, this was actually going to happen. 

This is the kind of stuff I love. Fun, creative and oh so random classes that bring people together. The best part? Being able to team up with my friend to host it. Oh and did I mention there was also wine and cheese? Yes it was like the perfect event and despite a crazy week of running around, Jenny's strange but wonderful visits out West to source the succulents, and a few broken fish bowls, our first Terrarium Workshop was a huge hit. We even had Jen's sister, Sal make an appearance to teach us some macrame which I've yet to master but have a feeling will be completely addictive (warning to anyone reading this back home, this year's Christmas presents undoubtedly will involve some sort of terrarium/macrame combo).  So that's where a lot of my time has been spent this crazy month of April but worth everything minute of planning.  More (official) photos can be found here and do enjoy the ones of me looking completely perplexed and ridiculous - they are as always there to amuse.

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Helen said...

This looks really fun, I like the neon thread for macramé

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