June 4, 2014

Jimmy Turns 30

I have about forty posts just drafted, sitting here, waiting for me to get my act together - it's been awhile, I know that. Every single time I've tried to find the time to sit here and just write and let the words flow out I've been distracted - by events, work, my growing to-do lists or the seductive call of Game of Thrones or Mad Men. I've been lazy and neglectful of this little blog but I've truly missed writing here and just putting our memories down on (digital) paper.  

This year had gone by far too fast and while there has certainly been a flurry of activity happening here in Australia (jobs updates, travel plans, birthday celebrations) and overseas (Fiona turning 2, Lela starting to crawl and Mango welcoming miss Emily into the world) yet I've missed capturing those small boring moments that make the life we've created together so wonderful. One recent weekend that stands out would be the continuing saga of Jimmy's 30th birthday celebration, this time involving a group trip to the most eclectic house in Berry. Out in the country we ate, we drank, we relaxed, fed the horses in the paddock, the boys surfed, the girls hung out on the veranda and we soaked up every strange but wonderful corner of that crazy house in celebration of my better half ringing in the big 3-0....

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