July 28, 2010

the snuggie

Yes, I admit it.  I have a snuggie.

For those that have not yet been enlightened, a snuggie is a blanket with sleeves - I know, I know, pure genius - and although it was given to me as a joke, I seriously think its one of the best gifts I've ever received.
The thing I didn't realise when I moved to Sydney is that it's actually really cold here in the winter - really cold.  You see, in Boston the houses have heat, so all winter, despite constant snowstorms, you can still walk around your house wearing a t-shirt.  Not so much here in Sydney.  Our apartment has no heat so during the winter, I warm up by sitting as close to our gas heater as humanly possible without having my skin blister.  So imagine my surprise when a little package arrived from Cia and Nick that contained one very striking, leopard print snuggie - oh joy!

This little number has saved me this winter and even though its cold and rainy outside I'm 'snuggled' up on the couch, warm as can be.

1 comment:

Miss Hothouse Orchid said...

I can't get past the fact that heat isn't required in Australia!!! Just found your blog and am reading back posts. It's great!

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