August 19, 2010

Yarra Valley

I love everything about wine regions - the rolling hills covered in sunshine and different vineyards around every corner, the chance to taste all sorts of wine (for free), the fact that after a few glasses of local vino I start to actually believe that I know something about wine.  I suddenly can hear myself say 'why, yes I do taste a hint of blackberry' or 'chardonnay is this year's shiraz'.   It's as if I've stepped out of the movie 'Sideways' and quite honestly I love it.  I've been wine tasting with my parents in Santa Barbara, my friend Kristin and I toured Sonoma and in Sydney a trip to the Hunter Valley is high on my list of favourite places, so when J and I decided to visit the Yarra Valley after our stay in Melbourne I was as excited as can be. The Yarra Valley didn't disapoint.  Okay, so the weather wasn't perfect but the cold mist that hung in the air actually made it more romantic and we found ourselves falling in love with the area.  

We stayed in Healesville and strolled the streets and explored a few local op shops before settling in at the local Healesville Hotel.  It was the low season so we found ourselves the only people in the pub so we pulled up a few chairs up by the fire and chatted up Andy, the friendly bartender.  Over a few glasses of wine and local beer (J's new favorite) we got the full scoop about the area and made a mental note to come back again in the spring.

Later we headed to our little cottage and spent the night by the fire and polishing off the last drops of the Rochford pinot...

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