April 4, 2011


There is nothing better than autumn in Sydney.  It is the perfect time of year and I was really looking forward to re-charging this weekend and that is exactly what I did. J and I went out for Thai, then onto drinks and live music at InSitu while laughing hysterically at how red my teeth turn when I drink red wine - completely embarrassing but oh so true, next time I'll stick to white thank you very much. Saturday was spent running errands and eating far too much chocolate with Alexia while we watched Blue Valentine (love me some Ryan Gosling). Sunday I took advantage of daylight savings and relished the extra hour of sleep and since the sun was shining it of course meant a day at the beach complete with a picnic and tons of reading material.  

Maybe it's daylight savings, but my motivation is pretty low at the moment.  I've got a few plans up my sleeve to change all of that and I'm slowly working on opening a few new doors to keep me inspired. It's also back to the gym for me tomorrow after a long, long break which I think will help with energy levels. Lots happening, lots to look forward to...hope your weekend was great. x


Kat - TeamKitten said...

Seems like risks are in the air - but you've got to do it!! right?! just jump in and give it a go!
mmmm redwine mouth, i can totally relate!! love red wine xo

Lizeylou said...

I cant wait to see Blue valentine - I missed it at the cinema. Hope I love it as much as I think I will.
Oh and those flowers are beautiful - oh how I love flowers!
Taking risks is fun - the adrenaline rush - fun fun fun!

Corrie said...

ohhh I love the weather at the moment too. Crystal clear skies, a little bit cool in the mornings, I feel lucky to live in such a beautiful city:)

red wine on teeth! oh I remember when I was really into my vegetarian cooking and we were drinking organic wines and they were really bad for teeth! lots of staining!


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