May 10, 2011

market love

Nothing beats an early morning trip to to the markets. Besides a day at the beach or perhaps a lazy sleep in, getting up early, grabbing coffee and strolling through the markets is my favourite way to spend a Saturday. This weekend I was in luck as both the jumbo sale at Seaforth and the Surry Hills markets were both on, each a treasure trove of sometimes useless things. Since our house sitting gig is over, we're back with J's parents, meaning we really don't have room to be buying more 'stuff' but who can resist a market deal? We  walked away with some old National Geographic mags, a few records and some wooden clothes pegs which I'll add to my random (and useless!) collection of 'things' - all for $5.40 - bargain. 


Georgia said...

Love a good market and there's just something about old National Geographics isn't there? I've got a few treasured old ones at home myself. Looks like you had a lovely time strolling the markets!

captain kk said...

i love a market rummage! who can resist?

tea with lucy said...


makes my little old tip shop blush in shame.


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