May 2, 2011

a moment in history

I first caught wind of Osama Bin Laden's death via Twitter. I kid you not.  If I needed any reminder about the powerful force of social media channels such as Twitter, it was reinforced today as thousands of 'tweets' spread the news world wide in a few mere seconds.
I managed to pry my iPhone out of my hands long enough to see Obama's address live while on my lunch break and felt a flood of emotions as the haunting images of 9/11 were plastered all over the TV.  I wanted to address the death of Bin Laden in this post because if I'm completely honest, that surge of emotion stayed with me long after wards. 
I've seen and read a mixture of reactions today, some I agree with and others I don't.  Personally, this moment was a time to reflect and consider those whose lives were lost (on all sides) and those that fought - and are still fighting- for freedom, including my brother-in-law, who I hope may feel a sense of justice today. Finally, my heart goes out to those countless families, that they may at long last feel a sense of closure over their senseless losses. So tomorrow I'll go back to talking about the mainly trivial things that are happening in my life (Biggest Loser finale) but this moment was too important to overlook, a historic moment that deserved to be mentioned and remembered.

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Anna Walker said...

I agree! I was wondering how many blogger would write about this [and I'm sure glad you did], and I even wrote my post last night. I found out too via twitter! It was insane. Thank your brother and law for serving! And the Biggest Loser Finale is tomorrow?! I feel like I missed a week! :/

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