May 17, 2011

stitch 'n' bitch

I'm an impatient person. Not the most desirable of traits but what can I say, it's true. Never has this been more apparent than this past Saturday when I decided to tackle my first knitting workshop. Now to be completely honest, going into this class I had extremely high expectations for myself. Not only was I going knit but I was going to master this art. I had visions of Christmas morning where everyone would be decked out in gifts I made - stunning scarfs, hats sweaters - all knitted with loving care. I pictured myself basking in the glow of handmade goodness, contemplated opening an Etsy store and planned far away trips to international trade fairs where I'd hock my goods to famous labels. This was all before actually picking up the knitting needles - the reality of that afternoon was far less glamorous.

Instead of effortlessly mastering the purl and knit stitch, I struggled to even hold the needles. While the rest of the class increased their rows, I had issues with tension and double stitches. I grew increasingly impatient as I struggled to 'master' this new skill. Instead of casting off, I focused on the scones and tea that were provided and waited as the lovely instructor Lucy, walked me through the steps - again

I'm also prone to exaggerating so of course I'm being slightly melodramatic. Overall the class was excellent, the instructor was patient and knowledgeable and the girls there were so much fun, the only problem was, During that afternoon I had to fight my own impatience and realise that this was going to take me a bit longer to get the hang of. So while I might not be bringing home knitted presents for Christmas, I'm certainly going to give this another go and set my sights on something a bit more a coaster.


Lizeylou said...

We sound so similar ... every time I go to try knitting or sewing I start out all paitent and determined to get it right but then all of a sudden I rush through it or stop concentrating and ... its ruined and I am angry at myself. I just get so impaitent. I suppose you cant be good at everything and I am lovely in every other way though (hehe!)... and I have no doubt that you are too!!
And those scones look delicious!!

Georgia said...

I smiled a heck of a lot reading this post because I absolutely get that desire to master things right off the bat! Good on you for giving it a red hot go and I'm sure you'll be knitting like a pro in no time! Also, cannot take my eyes off those scones!

Emma Scamell said...

Love the post - and what a fab blog!! Awesome! Now, as someone that was there, I can say: 'Hey, leave yourself alone!' you were brilliant and I know you'll be knitting cable/arran jumpers in no time! Loved knitting with you x

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