May 26, 2011

week at a glance

Despite spending most of this week in a medicine induced stupor, I still managed to be surprisingly productive. After consuming a few too many cold & flu tablets and watching the entire series of "Real Housewives of NYC", I was ready to move away from the couch in small intervals. Something about the rainy, cold weather has made me dive back into sewing and now that I've discovered this no knead bread recipe I'm baking loaves left and right - which means my shape is slowly morphing into that of a loaf but it's winter so who cares! (and yes, Cia that is your amazing apron which is currently covered in flour).  Well it's time for my next dose of cold meds so I'll leave you with these pics from my week and head towards the couch...I think another episode of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" is on!


Lizeylou said...

Hope you are feeling better soon ... and that bread looks delicious - yummo!!

Sammie said...

Are they little bibs you have made for your friend?
they are super cute!
I need a sewing friend! (oh! I just remembered! I think my sister inlaw is learning!)

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