May 8, 2012

blogging in style

The social media addiction continues. At work today I realised that I was working on  Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and using Instagram on my phone - at the same time. A bit much you might ask? Probably but its all in day's work and admittedly I enjoy it. Tonight I went to another event hosted by Social Media Women and the hot topics were yet again how we can look to use Pinterest and Instagram for business so it doesn't look like this trend will be slowing down anytime soon. Perhaps I just need to learn a bit more balance?

In other work related news, a project that I've been working on has finally finished and I can proudly share the end result with you here. Take a look at the newly launched Life Instyle blog, a collection of all things in style and great place to get your daily design fix.

1 comment:

Kate Moore said...

Sorry I missed you at #smwomen last night. I can't peek now - social media accounts and sites open everywhere, I can sympathise - but I'll take a look at your work on Life InStyle. Yay you.

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