July 18, 2012

endless summer/winter

Boston winters drag on for months. It feels endless. Sometimes during the middle of winter when the sky is grey and the trees are bare you actually forget what summer feels like (or at least harbor a secret fear it will never return). After weeks of shoveling snow at 6am just to get your car free so you can drive to work in the pitch dark and return home in the same darkness, you begin to go a bit crazy.  

Then I moved to Sydney. Suddenly winter wasn't so bad. I mean of course its cold but isn't that just a great excuse to buy a Snuggie? This weekend we decided to head to Coogee for a bit of an adventure and to check out someplace that I'd never visited before. It was beautiful and no matter how long I live here I'll never get used to seeing that amazingly clear blue ocean. The blue sky, calm seas and warm sunshine - can you believe they call this winter?

p.s - yes, we're wearing matching plaid shirts. embarrassing.


Anonymous said...

Lovely shots - and I agree about the mild Sydney winters. Recently moved here from the UK, we are having the same temp as the London summer!!! Bliss.

Jane said...

Hi, I just discovered your blog (via twitter actually) I LOVE Boston, but admittedly have never endured a winter there. I moved from Melbourne to the subtropics, so kind of get what you're talking about - our first winter we went to the beach everyday!!! But now we are fully acclimatised and wear woollen knits and stay indoors with the heater on - so just you wait - given time you will probably find the Sydney winter cold too!!! Anyway, what a nice blog to stop by:) Jane

Unknown said...

Agree about Sydney winters..they are the best, don't even need a coat just a good scarf and jumper!

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