July 13, 2012

what is your creative process?

This month, my column for the Creative Women's Circle explores the creative process, something that personally I've always struggled with. Despite how much I try and desperately want it, I'm not a strong visual person. I know what I like and what looks good but actually creating something on paper or screen has never been a strong point. I prefer words, I always have.

It wasn't until recently that I truly discovered that your own creative process has nothing to do with graphic design or painting or sculpting or being a poet (although Julia Denes who I mention in the post is a stunning artist) - its the simple process all individuals take to make an idea, big or small, become a reality. This process can take many forms and for everyone its different. Understanding how your own process works is the key to making all those ideas that are floating around in your head (the ones you dream about and lose sleep over) actually happen.  

If you haven't yet listened to Elizabeth Gilbert's TED Talk do it, now. It's brilliant.


Brenda Mangalore said...

I loved Elizabeth's Ted talk - it changed my perspective of how to reframe my creative process. As a painter it would be easy to think my process was obvious but her talk elevated the burden for those times when the muse just wasn't playing. But also a reminder that having a process, a system to capture those ideas and doing the work to create it into reality is my duty as the artist

The Olive Tree Blog said...

This is great food for thought...I always start with an idea and in the end it totally something else :)

Unknown said...

That talk is my all time favourite! It was the first one I ever saw on Ted and became quite addicted to it afterwards.

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