October 7, 2012

brenda walsh, fashion icon

Back in the day I was slightly obsessed with the TV show, Beverly Hills 90210.  I didn't just like Brenda Walsh, I wanted to be Brenda Walsh. This past Saturday night, I finally got my chance.

My friend Abby decided to throw a 90's theme birthday party and I suddenly saw a small window of opportunity to once again wear a scrunchie and dance to C&C Music Factory. It was the perfect chance to relive my high schools days and indulge in the horrible fashion that plagued that decade. 

The night was epic from the start. We kicked things off in the city and I embraced the dedicated role of band groupie as the boys played another amazing gig. Afterwards we headed back to Abby's place and happily stepped into a 90's time warp. It was just as you'd expect: grunge chicks, choker necklaces, overalls, high wasted skirts. brown lipstick and midriff tops. Jimmy, dressed in double denim and a tucked in t-shirt, was the Dylan Mckay to my Brenda Walsh. I was in my element and I'm not embarrassed to say that I spent a good portion of the night dancing (badly) in the living room, enjoying the strobe light, smoke machine and killer play list of 90's tunes you'd be mortified to be caught listening to now. You'll have to forgive some of the photos as I'm still trying to get the hang of my new lens and shooting in low light. I've got a little project up my sleeve that will hopefully help with my photo skills and will be back later this week with more details...

p.s - had to throw in a photo of my Dad, who celebrated his birthday on Friday - happy birthday dad, love you. 


meplusmolly said...

Hi Jaclyn!
Should I own up to remembering 90210 as well or not?!! Hahaa, great post. So looking forward to BYW as well :)

Ruth said...

Hi Jaclyn, I found your blog via the BYWcourse, you've got great photos! I just noticed that we seem to be living in the same suburb :-) I recognise those pastizzis! And you've got to love the nineties fashion, especially BH90210. See you over in class! Regards, Ruth

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